SkyWall is a domestic brand specializing in consumer electronics products, particularly LED TVs. The Chief Managing Director of SkyWall International is Mr. Narendra Bharadwaj, an active member of INC for the past 30 years. He is also the founder of the Bharadwaj Group, which encompasses various segments.

The Bharadwaj Group is involved in diverse industries, including:

1. Bharadwaj Transport: A transportation business providing logistics and delivery services.
2. Bharadwaj Construction: Engaged in construction projects, offering expertise in the field.
3. Bharadwaj Gallery: A gallery showcasing art and cultural exhibitions.
4. Bharadwaj Group in Petroleum: Involved in the petroleum industry with 11 owned pumps, 4 COCO (Company Owned, Company Operated) pumps, and 2 in the pipeline.

The co-founders of the Bharadwaj Group, Sachin Bharadwaj and Manish Bharadwaj, are renowned business magnets. Together with the SkyWall team, they are responsible for the overall growth and success of the company. By maintaining an ecstatic team, they strive to achieve their goals efficiently. Impressively, they achieved a milestone of 1000 million within just one year, reflecting their rapid progress and achievements.